Badger Common’Tater Highlights LifeGard® Plant Activator.

Badger Common'TaterJoe Kertzman, managing editor of Badger Common’Tater, writes: There is no denying it. The sustainable production wave has captured the attention of potato growers.

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Gregory Rogers Named Field Development Manager—Northeast/Great Lakes For Biopesticide Company Certis USA

Greg RogersGregory S. Rogers joins Certis USA as Field Development Manager for the biopesticide company’s Northeast/Great Lakes territory. Rogers now serves as the lead technical representative for field research, product development and sales technical support for the northeastern U.S. (New England, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions) and eastern Canada.

Certis USA Vice President of Field Development and Technical Support Mike Dimock, Ph.D., said, “We are delighted to have Greg on board. His extensive experience in crop protection field testing and data analysis will be put to good use. Since our product lines, markets and geography continue to grow, Greg will be instrumental to expanding our field development territories.”

Prior to joining Certis USA, Rogers served as Global Field Testing Coordinator and Data Systems Manager during a 20-year career with DuPont Crop Protection. Rogers holds a B.S. degree in Plant and Soil Sciences and a M.S. degree in Plant Improvement from the University of Delaware.

Rogers maintains an office in Elkton, MD.

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LifeGard® WG Biological Plant Activator Represents a New Class of Pesticide For Use on a Wide Variety of Agricultural Crops, Including Potatoes

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has registered LifeGard® WG, the first foliar-applied biological plant activator available on the market, for use on potatoes, sugar beets, fruiting vegetables, pecans and other specialty agricultural crops to control diseases. Introduced by the biopesticide company, Certis USA, LifeGard is a naturally occurring bacterium that triggers an induced systemic resistance (ISR) response in plants. This ISR response mode of action reflects a new direction taken by a pesticide market that has rapidly increased its demand for biopesticides, because they offer efficacy, as well as resistance management materials, low residue levels and crop and worker safety. LifeGard is NOP Approved and OMRI® Listed, it is residue exempt, it has a 4-hour REI, can be applied the day of harvest and the product is bee safe.

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Chelsey Sitzmann Accepts Agricultural Sales Position With the Biopesticide Company Certis USA

Chelsey SitzmannCertis USA hires Chelsey Sitzmann to serve as Regional Manager—Upper Midwest, a sales position that provides more support for a growing line of biopesticide products used in the production of potatoes. Sitzmann is responsible for sales in a territory that covers Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Sitzmann is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and Carlson School of Management, Minneapolis. She has a B.S. degree in Agricultural and Food Business Management with a minor in Agronomy and Plant Genetics. She previously worked for Timab Industrial Minerals of Minneapolis as Magnesium Fertilizer Marketing Intern. Sitzmann also served as a field scout for Dawson Farms/R.D. Offutt Farms of Tappen, ND, her family’s 12,000 acre potato farm.

Sitzmann will maintain an office in Fargo, ND.

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Certis USA Introduces a Bionutrient Product Line

Certis USA introduces a bionutrient product line based on AgSil® potassium silicate technology. AgSil products provide plants with silicon, an often overlooked nutrient that helps plants’ deal with stress, temperature fluctuations, drought, salinity, metal toxicity and infection by plant pathogens. Manufactured by PQ Corporation, the bionutrient products AgSil 16H, AgSil 21 and AgSil 25 are available via Certis USA distributors now for the specialty agriculture, greenhouse, turf, ornamental and home and garden markets in North America and many international arenas.

Jim Black, Director, Business Development for Certis USA said, “The AgSil product line represents Certis USA’s first ‘bionutrient’ introduction. It will compliment our existing biopesticide line that includes more than 30 products based on biological or natural active ingredients.

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Congratulations Mike Dimock, PhD.

Mike has been promoted to Vice President of Field Development and Technical Support for Certis USA. CEO Jow-Lih Su says, “For 20 years, from Thermo Trilogy to Certis USA, Mike has played a key role in defining the field applications of Certis technologies, and being the leading advocate for our products to the industry. This promotion is recognition of his long-term contributions to Certis USA, at a time when we are further building up the field development group in support of our continuing business growth. Please join me in congratulating Mike for his promotion.”


The Biopesticide Company Certis USA Introduces Carb-O-Nator™ Foliar Fungicide for Crops and Greenhouse, Nursery Use


The biopesticide company, Certis USA, introduces Carb-O-Nator™, a broad spectrum foliar fungicide that works on contact to control powdery mildew, Alternaria, Anthracnose, Botrytis, Septoria leaf spot and other diseases. Carb-O-Nator is registered for use on agricultural crops, terrestrial and ornamental, greenhouse and nursery plants and turf. Its active ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, is well-known for its proven efficacy against plant disease coupled with its high level of safety to workers, bees, wildlife and the environment. Because it works on contact, Carb-O-Nator is an ideal selection for use in disease resistance management programs. Carb-O-Nator has a reentry interval (REI) of four hours, a zero-day pre-harvest interval and is residue exempt, making it a highly flexible fungicide to use. It is NOP (USDA’s National Organics Program) compliant and OMRI® listed.

Tim Damico, Certis USA Executive VP, NAFTA, said, “We’ve been looking for an effective curative fungicide to add to our offering, and Carb-O-Nator fit the need and our product line...”

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Scott Peterson Joins Certis USA to Oversee The Biopesticide Company’s Eastern Agricultural Sales

Scott PetersonScott Peterson joins Certis USA as Eastern Regional Sales Director to manage the biopesticide company’s sales activities in territories east of the Rocky Mountains.

Peterson’s position at Certis USA is a reflection of rapid sales growth experienced by the company in recent years that led to the re-alignment of the sales functions. Jeremy Briscoe, a longtime member of Certis USA’s management team, becomes Western Regional Sales Director and will manage the sales activities for the sales territories west of the Rocky Mountains.

Tim Damico, Certis USA Executive VP, NAFTA, said, “With Scott and Jeremy, we have an excellent team in place that will help us to handle the growth of the company and an expanding product line. We welcome Scott. He has proven experience in sales management and in growing new sales territories. Plus, Scott is highly knowledgeable of biological plant protection products and has successfully introduced a number of biopesticide products.”

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“Certis for Citrus” Program to Help Fund Fight Against Citrus Greening (HLB)

Certis for CitrusEach time Florida citrus growers use a Kocide® copper fungicide product, they will help fund research projects to find a cure for Huanglongbing (HLB; citrus greening), said Michael Harowitz, Kocide Business Manager for Certis USA at the Citrus Expo 2016 in North Ft. Myers, FL. Through the “Certis for Citrus” program, Certis USA will make a monetary donation to the Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (CRDF), a non-profit corporation that has oversight responsibility for HLB research and development efforts.

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UAP-Canada to Represent Double Nickel Biofungicide

Certis USA chooses UAP Canada as an exclusive provider of its Double Nickel biofungicide to Canadian growers of fruiting and leafy vegetables, potatoes, grapes, strawberries, tree fruit and other crops. Double Nickel represents a new generation of fungicides and bactericides that have biologically based active ingredients, are of low risk to the environment and are sustainable crop protection solutions. UAP is the largest distributor of agricultural inputs in Canada. Its products are made available to Canadian growers through national and regional dealers and an extensive field sales force.

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Double Nickel 55® WG fungicide/bactericide Available for Use on Mexico Crops to Control Early Blight and Powdery Mildew

Certis USA commercially launches a water dispersible granule (WG) formulation of its Double Nickel 55® fungicide/bactericide for use in Mexico to control early blight, powdery mildew, Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora on fruiting vegetables, such as peppers, chilies, tomatoes and potatoes, and on cucurbits, melons and grapes. Double Nickel 55 WG is approved for use by the Mexican regulatory board COFERPRIS and is available through Summit Agro Mexico S.A. de C.V. (SAM), the exclusive distributor of Double Nickel 55 in Mexico. A second formulation of Double Nickel 55, a liquid concentrate (LC), is pending approval and is anticipated to become available in the fall of 2015.

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