Certis USA: The Biopesticide Company

Certis USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a broad line of biopesticide products for specialty agricultural and horticultural markets and the home and garden market. Certis USA products provide valuable solutions by meeting the challenges faced by today’s growers who are seeking sustainable alternatives, resistant pest management and harvest solutions, and low pesticide residues for market flexibility and export accessibility.


Certis USA LifeGard® Biological Plant Activator Product Wins Top International Industry Awards from Agrow and IBMA

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Organically Approved

Our product line features the broadest OMRI-listed biological offerings in the industry. More than 30 of our products are OMRI-listed, National Organic Program (NOP) approved and most are residue exempt. But our biopesticides are not solely used on organic acres. Most of our products are used by growers of conventionally produced agricultural crops.

OMRI/NOP Certifications

Wasco Facility

Certis USA’s fermentation facility in Wasco, CA has been actively producing biopesticides for more than 50 years. Approximately 60 people work at the facility to produce the organically certified products sold by Certis USA and its tolling customers. Through its renovations over the years, the facility has been awarded many efficiency awards and certifications.

About Biopesticides

Everyone is leaping onto the Biopesticide bandwagon. And, for good reasons. Although biopesticides are less than 5 percent of the global crop protection market, the estimated market for biopesticides worldwide in 2015 was estimated to be $2.7 billion. The market is conservatively estimated to grow 14 to 17 percent annually and is projected to reach $4.1 billion in 2018. It is the fastest growing segment in crop protection. read more


Certis USA LifeGard® Biological Plant Activator Product Wins Top International Industry Awards from Agrow and IBMA

LifeGard™, the first biological plant activator product in agriculture, is recognized as a top biological product of the year by two prestigious international organizations. LifeGard was named 2017 Best New Biological Product in London October 30 at the Agrow Awards sponsored by the Business Intelligence Division of Informa PLC, a consultancy firm in the U.K. Separately on October 23, LifeGard was granted second place for the 2017 Bernard Blum Award for Biocontrol Product of the Year in Basel, Switzerland at the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) organized by the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA).

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American Fruit GrowerAmerican Fruit Grower Highlights LifeGard® WG Plant Activator.

BIOCONTROL GRAPES: Examining the Effectiveness of Biologicals Against Downy Mildew. Growing conditions in the East are breeding grounds for pathogens, and coupled with highly susceptible Vitis vinifera cultivars proves to make sustainable grape growing practices a challenge.

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American Fruit GrowerCertis USA Highlighted by Badger Common’Tater.

In “Interview with Tim Damico, Certis USA,” Joe Kertzman, managing editor of Badger Common’Tater, covers the company’s history, its future and its product profile for potatoes.

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Gabe Diaz-SaavedraDiaz-Saavedra Joins Certis USA Boosting Its Biopesticide Sales Force Numbers As the Biopesticide Company Continues Its Strong Growth

Gabe Diaz-Saavedra brings his extensive background in biopesticides and organic production to the biopesticide company Certis USA as Account Manager for the mid-Atlantic states. Diaz-Saavedra handles sales and marketing duties for the company’s bioinsecticides and biofungicides, as well as the introduction of LifeGard WG, the first biological plant activator available for use by growers of specialty agriculture crops, including vegetables, potatoes and fruit.

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LAM International Certis USA Acquires LAM International

The biopesticide company Certis USA acquires 100 percent of the shares of Butte, Montana-based LAM International. LAM International is a developer and manufacturer of several leading bioinsecticide products, including BotaniGard® and Mycotrol®, and has a pipeline of newly registered products and others currently under registration and development.

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Badger Common'TaterBadger Common’Tater Covers BPIA and Biopesticides..

Tim Damico, Certis USA VP and BPIA Board Member, says, “Biopesticide sales are surging . . .” Trident biolarvicide and LifeGard biological plant activator are discussed.

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