Trident Biological Insecticide

We return Trident, our Bacillus thuringiensis var. tenebrionis bioinsecticide to the market to assist growers in the Great Lakes, Northeast and other potato growing regions who have resistant CPB populations and to help minimize the development of resistance in the more than 27 states where potatoes are commercially grown.

Trident is NOP Approved and OMRIŽ Listed to provide greater options for organic producers, who currently have limited insecticidal options. It has a four-hour REI and zero-day PHI, and minimal PPE requirements. Trident is residue exempt, which allows growers flexibility in their applications and better management of Maximum Residue Limits (MRL).

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Use Trident to control Colorado potato beetle larvae and adults.



Make your first Trident application as soon as eggs begin to hatch. Trident is most effective on young larvae, in the first and second instars or up to 1/4 inch in length. Trident attacks the larval gut and must be ingested by the insect to be effective. Thorough plant coverage is essential for best results. After eating Trident, larvae stop feeding within a few hours and die within two to four days.

Reapply every 7-14 days as necessary to maintain control during periods when larvae are present, as part of a pest management program that includes close scouting. During periods of heavy infestation and extended egg hatch, reapply every 4-5 days.

If infestation consists mainly of older larvae and adults, use a contact insecticide with rapid knockdown activity that is labeled for such use.

Organic Crops

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NOP Approved:

This product is approved for organic production by the National Organic Program (NOP), a marketing program housed within the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service, the agency that sets marketing standards. The NOP mission is to develop and implement national standards that govern the marketing of agricultural products as organically produced, to facilitate commerce in fresh and processed food that is organically produced, and to assure consumers that such products meet consistent standards.

OMRI Listed®:

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This product is OMRI Listed, therefore it is determined by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) to be suitable for use in certified organic production.



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